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Hi, nice to meet you 👋

I am Simone Devoti, a freelance software engineer with 5 years of work experience.

I am specialized in the C# language and the development of backend infrastructure.

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Simone Devoti


  1. Freelance software engineer

    Projects description:
    • ASP.NET Core Chatbot AI platform (sharpchat.ai)
    • SvelteKit + ASP.NET Core irrigation management software (app.idromanager.com)
    • Windows Forms Stock Exchange trading app using Interactive Broker API
    • Truck management software in asp.net core
    • Windows Forms ABB robot configurator using ABB API
    • Other projects under NDAs
  2. FTSystem - Software engineer

    Projects description:
    • Blazor webapp internal configurator
    • Windows Forms machine update managements
    • C# features on top of an existing windows forms application
Web App


  1. Politecnico di Milano

    Bachelor's degree, Computer Software Engineering

    Grade: 103/110

  2. ISII Marconi Piacenza

    High School Diploma, Information Technology

    Grade: 95/100

Web App

Tech stack


C# C# Javascript Javascript SQL SQL HTML HTML CSS CSS

Frameworks, Libraries and others:

.NET .NET ASP.NET Core ASP.NET Core Blazor Blazor Windows Forms Windows Forms EF Core EF Core SQL Server SQL Server SQLite SQLite Serilog Serilog MQTT MQTT Docker Docker Azure Azure Bootstrap Bootstrap Tailwindcss Tailwindcss Skeleton.dev Skeleton.dev Svelte Svelte SvelteKit SvelteKit Wordpress Wordpress Qdrant Qdrant OpenAI OpenAI Stripe Stripe

Licenses & certifications

Software engineering:


Test Driven Development in C# from A to Z

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Microservices: Designing Highly Scalable Systems

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Domain Driven Design: Complete Software Architecture Course

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C# Advanced Topics: Prepare for Technical Interviews

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C# Performance Tricks: How to radically speed up your code

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University of Pennsylvania


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University of Pennsylvania

Introduction to marketing

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Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

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