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AI Chatbot for customer support. Create, manage and customize your AI chatbot.
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Description is a Software as a service (Saas) that let's user create, manage and customize and AI chatbot to handle their customer support requests.

The AI chatbot can be installed on the company website or can be shared with a link.

The AI chatbot leverages OpenAI LLM models like GPT3.5 and GPT4 to create instant answers to customer questions.

The user can add documents, websites, web pages or block of text to the chatbot memory so that the chatbot can remember informations.

The user can apply corrections in order to improve the quality of the responses.

The user as a dashboard where it can manage all of the chatbot by itself.

Tech stack used for this project


C# C# Javascript Javascript SQL SQL HTML HTML CSS CSS

Frameworks, Libraries and others:

.NET .NET ASP.NET Core ASP.NET Core EF Core EF Core SQL Server SQL Server Azure Azure Bootstrap Bootstrap Tailwindcss Tailwindcss Svelte Svelte OpenAI OpenAI Qdrant Qdrant Stripe Stripe

Software Architecture



Built using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages + Bootstrap and the website is hosted on Azure App Service

User dashboard

Built using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages + Bootstrap and alpine.js for complicated UI intercativity.
It leverages the compatibility with Entity Framework Core in order to build fast UIs for CRUD operations.

Chatbot interface

Built using Svelte via Vite + Tailwindcss, the application is compiled into a single html page and its hosted via Firebase Hosting.

Chatbot widget

Built using Svelte via Vite + Tailwindcss.
The application is compiled into two files, a javascript and css file that can be imported into any website in order to show an intercative widget.
The widget javascript and css files are hosted on a CDN via Azure Storage.


API and logic

Built using ASP.NET Core and uses REST endpoints to let "Chatbot interface" and "Chatbot widget" to communicate with it.


The database is built and mantained using Entity Framework Core as an Object-Relational Mapper

User Identity

The user identity and the authentication process is implement using the built-in ASP.NET Core Identity Framework.
These are the operations implemented: Email Login, Google Login, Forgot Password, Email Confirmation, Download data for GDPR, Delete Account.

External services

The applications uses these three external services:
  • OpenAI:To generate AI responses
  • Qdrant:To save and retrieve user informations used for customizing the chatbot
  • Stripe:To automatically handle user subscriptions

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