Case study

Trading station

Automatic financial analysis and trading on the stock market via the Interactive Brokers API.

Trading station

About the client

Trading Station is a product built for Minerva Digital Intelligence Srl. It is a company located in northern Italy that deals with data analysis and software development.

Legal Name
Minerva Digital Intelligence Srl
Work done
  • Design
  • Development
  • Monitoring


Trading Station is a desktop application built for communicating with the Interactive Brokers API in order to read stock market data and perform automatic operations.

The application can be configured by the user via a user interface and it has historical data saved on a local database.

Development process

Step 1


We examined the objectives and determined which features to implement and how.

Step 2


We developed the application by providing constant feedback in order to meet the client needs.

Step 3


We monitor the application, how the users use them and which features should we add or improve.

Tech stack used for this project



Frameworks, Libraries and others:

.NET .NET Windows Forms Windows Forms EF Core EF Core SQLite SQLite

Software Architecture

The application is built using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, with Bootstrap as UI library.

The database used is Microsoft SQL Server hosted on Azure connected to the application via Entity Framework Core.

Automatic database backups are setup on the cloud and the application is monitored via Azure Application Insight.

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