Freelance software engineer expert in C#/.NET

Hi! I am Simone Devoti and I am a freelance software engineer specialized in C#/.NET with 5 years of work experience.

I am specialized in building the backend of web applications but I can also built: web apps, desktop apps and AI chatbots.

Based in Italy 🍕

Simone Devoti


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A scalable backend infrastructure with autentication, databases and servers to power your software application and manage its data.

Backend development

Web App

A fast and scalable web app, built fullstack or with frontend + backend. Perfect for a Saas, marketplace or internal managment system.

Web App development

AI chatbot

A custom AI chatbot that can perform actions, has a knowledge base and can interact via web, whatsapp or social messages.

AI chatbot development

Desktop App

A desktop application that can interact with your company systems and databases with or without internet connection.

Desktop App development

About me

I love coding and building software applications. 👨🏻‍💻❤️

I fell in love with programming at 14 years old when I started tech school at ISII Marconi Piacenza and continued the studies at Politecnico di Milano.

After the studies I worked as a software engineer, first as an employee and later as a freelancer with a total of 5 years of experience.

Now I build software applications for fun and work.

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Tech stack


C# C# Javascript Javascript SQL SQL HTML HTML CSS CSS

Frameworks, Libraries and others:

.NET .NET ASP.NET Core ASP.NET Core Blazor Blazor Windows Forms Windows Forms EF Core EF Core SQL Server SQL Server SQLite SQLite Serilog Serilog MQTT MQTT Docker Docker Azure Azure Bootstrap Bootstrap Tailwindcss Tailwindcss Svelte Svelte SvelteKit SvelteKit Wordpress Wordpress Qdrant Qdrant OpenAI OpenAI Stripe Stripe


By Time

Perfect for unclear project requirements

  • Time flexibility
  • Cost flexibility
  • Feature flexibility

By Project

Perfect for well planned project

  • Clear costs foreach feature
  • Week-by-Week progress report
  • Still flexible to requirement changes

Free software consultation

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What you will receive during and after the consultation:
  1. Tips and advice on how to solve your software project requirements
  2. A detailed project roadmap for your future or present software application
  3. A work proposal that meets your timeframe and budget requirements