Web App Development

Design and development for your web app product

Web App

Complexity based on your project requirements

Server Rendered

Perfect for products with low-medium usage

Best for internal and low usage:
  • Internal web apps
  • B2B Big Company/Enterprise Saas

Frontend + Backend

Perfect for products with high usage

Best for external and high usage:
  • B2C applications
  • B2B Small/Medium Company Saas

Option 1: For internal web apps

Server Rendered

Tight integration between your database, application and user interface in order to speedup development and reduce costs while mantaining great performance for low usage applications.

Built with Blazor Server, the most productive web framework for building internal web apps
  • Direct integration with the database
  • No javascript frontend needed
  • No API layer needed
  • Same code for HTML and database data validation
  • Server rendered but interactive thanks to Blazor
Server Rendered

Option 2: For customer facing web apps

Frontend + Backend web app

A scalable infrastructure with a javascript SPA and a microservices backend in order to handle an high volume of users simultanously.

  • .NET for robust backend
  • SvelteKit SPA for fast loading time and interactivity
  • Clear separation for big teams
Frontend + Backend web app

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